Wednesday, May 2, 2012

it's a tough job.

Hey team-love!

I've worked in the Social Service industry for nearly 5 years, and have volunteered with it in one way or another for the past 10. What I'm getting at is that I've worked with a lot of Case Workers. (You may know them as Social Workers.) Wow.. now that's a tough job. 

I work with Case Workers every day who have anywhere from 15 to 37 kids on their case-load. Essentially, their job is to parent, nurse, counsel, support, challenge, discipline, care for, encourage, drive places, pay for, motivate, listen to, advocate for, .... the list goes on. 

A lot of the kids struggle with mental health issues.
They all come from broken homes.
Most have been abused in so many ways. 

And a Case Worker's job is to meet these kids needs at every possible turn. 

They work within a huge and challenging system and they come up against barriers daily while they're trying to advocate for their 'kiddos'. 

It's a tall order and no matter what your experience with different Case Workers, they deserve support and love. 

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Come on team, let's send some love their way.
While they cheer on their kids, let's give them a cheer too!!

Keep up the good work!!

sarah d.

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