Saturday, August 20, 2011

serve servers serving

Hey friends!

Kody and I absolutely love Groupon! It's afforded us many an opportunity to eat out when we otherwise wouldn't have had the chance. 

On a recent 'date night' for dinner and a movie (thanks Groupon!), we talked about how awesome our serving staff were. From the manager to the server to the hostess, everyone was kind and smiling, and seemed to be having a fantastic day. Which meant that we had a fantastic experience!!! 

So Kody suggested I write a little blog about sending happy thoughts to our serving staff. I admit it, I've had my moments with servers and wait-staff and have been a pretty lame customer. However, just like there is always someone better, there's always someone worse.. and man oh man, I hate to think of the way that some of these hard-working servers get treated sometimes. 

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So if you're out and about, or if you're hanging out at home today, send some happy vibes out to the people that try to make our date-nights/coffee dates/lunch meetings a pleasant experience. 

And better yet, if you're being served somewhere this week, make it your goal to put a smile on the face of your server! It's such a simple little task, and I think if we all made a point to do that for someone every day, we'd all be smiling and laughing a lot more!

hugs and loves
sarah d. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

the wee-est of the wee ones

Hello dear friends!

I have been walking alongside an old friend of mine who is going through a trying time. She has just been blessed with her first wee one, and the darling arrived in a hurry! So this new family has been spending their time at the hospital with hopes that soon they will finally be able to welcome their newest member HOME. 

While thinking on and praying for her and her family, it struck me that there is a lot of need in these places. 

There are pooped nurses. 
There are exhausted parents. 
There are scared siblings. 
There are so many questions. 

They need our happy thoughts and prayers and smiles and loves!

My friend recently wrote on her Facebook status: Today God gave me the blessings of speaking life to parents in the ward and laying hands on a 1lb 6oz baby and her parents and praying with them. This ward is  a place of hope. Little lives are saved daily. We got to love our nurses. It was a beautiful day. God is so good. 

I'm so happy to see the hope and faith that my friend has. And I'm certain that there are many more people in the NICU's around the world feeling this way. But I also know that there are doubts and fears, tiredness and frustration. So I'm excited about supporting them with some good vibes and I hope you are too!

hugs and loves to you and all the wee ones!
sarah d. 

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey friends.

Sorry it's been awhile. Life has been full. I hope you all are doing well and feeling loved.

I am feeling a little stuck. befuddled. stunted.

Like this little guy, I'm just kinda hangin' out and waiting for something pretty to watch, or some hands to help. Either would be welcomed. ;)

It's not the nicest of places to be. However, it's certainly not the worst. But it does leave me dwelling in my mind and not nearly as present as I'd like to be for the loved ones around me.

If you find yourself in this predicament, whether it is something that has perplexed you into motionless behaviour, or feeling overwhelmed with life, or just zoning out, I hope you find your way to unstuckness soon.

I will be sending happy thoughts your way while I wait.

happy hugs
sarah d.