Tuesday, April 17, 2012

everything in moderation...

...except laughter!!!

Hey team :)

I trust you are well, loved, and sending love back out into the world. 

I was driving the other day and took note of some of the exercisers out and about. Most of them were joggers/walkers. A lot of them looked pooped, but were pressing on! They were all shapes and sizes and in very colourful spandex clothing. (There were Lululemon logos as far as the eye could see! lol)

I've worked hard and lost 30 pounds in just over a year. Unfortunately, the last couple weeks I have really dropped the ball and have been feeling kind of down and depressed about it. Seeing all those people out there working hard, especially the bigger ones, motivated me so much! 

Shortly afterwards, I was putzing around online and found this:

Don’t you give up. It doesn’t matter how many times you stumble, how many workouts you miss, how much cake you eat at 3 am. Don’t quit. It’s the first rule of BodyRocking. BodyRockers never give up. I fail all the time. If you are training for a life well lived – if you are going after your dreams – you are going to fall down now and then. It’s frustrating, but this is real life. We are real people.

I came across this on an awesome and fun FREE resource online and it made me cry. It's just how I was feeling - like I had given up. I hadn't necessarily eaten cake at 3am, but pretty darn close. So, I started the program 4 days ago and I'm loving it and the health I'm feeling again. 

photo cred: hathuyanna

  • Eat a healthy and high-in-protein breakfast every morning. 
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. 
  • Eat lean meats. 
  • Drink tons of water. 
  • Get your heart rate up for 12-20 minutes, six times a week, doing aerobics and weights.
  • Walk/breathe/meditate/do yoga often.
  • Eat a small piece of dark chocolate a few nights a week. 
  • And indulge a couple times a month in something seriously delish and sinful, but only a half-serving! lol
  • Laugh as much as possible!
  • Play like you're 5 years old from time to time :)
  • And love. 

This is my recipe for success and I bestow it unto you my friends. Simple really. Like most things in life. 

This week I'm sending my love out to those rain-or-shine-pavement-pounders and all the rest of you working on a healthy life!! I think we could all use a little extra love and support. 

hugs and love
sarah d.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Who is your family?

Hello friends, 

I trust you all had fabulous weekends!

Two years ago tomorrow, I said 'I will' with my best friend in front of two families and a bunch of friends who are like family to us. Every year at this time there's a ton of celebrating going on in my world, and I love it! My dad and hubs share the same birthday, our anniversary is four days later, and Easter is always nearby. 

We've been having lots of fun visiting with family over this long weekend and it's been so. much. fun. =) 

And all that visiting got me to thinking:

How are people holding up that don't have family? 
How are people that are all alone, or feel all alone? 
How are people who have lost family?

Family is incredible, and takes on so many forms. I really don't believe that you need to be blood-related to be considered family. I hope that you all have people in your life that you consider family, even though they might not be on your family-tree! 

In talking with all different kinds of people, I learn their definitions of family. I hear things like:

I can be myself with family. 
They'll support me no matter what. 
I can stink with my family. 
They don't judge me. 

I chose to show the family from the hit show Modern Family because I think 
it is such a fun and light-hearted example of a complicated family that 
works hard to love and accept each other right where they are. 

So while I said goodbye to my family after a wonderful visit, my heart filled with love for those who don't have family, or who are trying to define who their family is. Everyone deserves people in their life who accept them for who they are: fun and faults, strengths and struggles. 

Will you please send some love and joy to those in the world who feel all alone?

We are well loved dear ones, and we must spread that love in every way that we can. Let's get creative this week and let those people around us know that they are a true joy!

hugs and love
sarah d. 

Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey team!

Today's post is a little more fun. 

Yesterday was April Fools Day. Were you fooled? I was. For about 15 seconds, but still, I totally was. I was reading a Facebook status of a friend, and as I'm excitedly telling my hubster about it, I stop mid-sentence and say, 'wait a minute.. April Fools Day!' hahaha

So as silly as it sounds, this week I want to send my love out to the gullible people out there. I've been a gullible person my whole life. I try to spin it by saying I just really trust people. And I DO! 

That's really the issue.. people who know me well, and some people who don't, take advantage of the fact that I'll believe the things they say.. and voila, gullible! 

I can't count how many times I'm happily listening to someone's outrageous story and nodding away, while they're practically nudging the person next to them as if to say, 'get a load of this dim-wit!' 

It can be a little disheartening at times. And at many points in my life it caused me to feel rather stupid, silly, or wonder if I could trust the people around me. Those were not fun feelings. 

photo found here

So let's send our love out to those easy trusters. 

I pray that you know you're loved. 
That you can laugh at yourself. 
That the people around you who love you let you know in creative ways. 
And that you continue to share your love and trust as easily as you always have!

sarah d.