Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey team!

Today's post is a little more fun. 

Yesterday was April Fools Day. Were you fooled? I was. For about 15 seconds, but still, I totally was. I was reading a Facebook status of a friend, and as I'm excitedly telling my hubster about it, I stop mid-sentence and say, 'wait a minute.. April Fools Day!' hahaha

So as silly as it sounds, this week I want to send my love out to the gullible people out there. I've been a gullible person my whole life. I try to spin it by saying I just really trust people. And I DO! 

That's really the issue.. people who know me well, and some people who don't, take advantage of the fact that I'll believe the things they say.. and voila, gullible! 

I can't count how many times I'm happily listening to someone's outrageous story and nodding away, while they're practically nudging the person next to them as if to say, 'get a load of this dim-wit!' 

It can be a little disheartening at times. And at many points in my life it caused me to feel rather stupid, silly, or wonder if I could trust the people around me. Those were not fun feelings. 

photo found here

So let's send our love out to those easy trusters. 

I pray that you know you're loved. 
That you can laugh at yourself. 
That the people around you who love you let you know in creative ways. 
And that you continue to share your love and trust as easily as you always have!

sarah d. 

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