Sunday, March 25, 2012

what if we simply loved?

Hey dear ones, 

I've been ruminating on this post for some time now, and I decided that there's no easy way to talk about it, so I'll just dive right in. 


When I drive to work every morning, there are people standing outside a nondescript building. They have signs and buttons and they're always drinking coffee. Finally one day I looked over to read their signs. They had messages on them like:

Women regret abortion. 
Abortion is murder. 

Some of the sign-holders look bored. Often they are just chatting with each other. It's been cold lately, so they pretty much always look like they're freezing. 

Here's my question - I wonder if their time would be better spent reaching out to young women, men and couples in the community and becoming their community. 
Spending time supporting, encouraging, teaching, mentoring, and loving these people. 
Then maybe we wouldn't need to talk all that much about abortion. 
Because then we would be taking care of each other, supporting each other and loving each other. 
We'd be a community, a family. 

photo cred: wanderingghost

I'm going to send some happy vibes to those people holding the signs this week. I hope that they are getting a chance to know their community better while holding those signs. And I pray that they are opening up to all kinds of new ways to love and support people through hard and challenging times. 

I'm also going to think on the young women visiting that clinic. Be strong. You are well loved. 

sarah d. 

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