Monday, March 12, 2012

buy buy buy more

Good evening oh lovers of love!

I had quite an experience on the weekend.

Basically, I went to a special after-hours shopping party at a glamorous store and there were 'stylists' on hand to help. I was placed in clothing that challenged my concept of who I am... on the outside anyway. And I was also reminded about who I am on the inside, and what I value.

I should have expected this of myself. Trying on clothing is generally always a traumatic event for me. But this time it wasn't traumatic for the usual reason, self-image. It was traumatic as I considered the true value of the things I purchase, and whether or not I really need the things I say I do sometimes. 

When faced with the decision of potentially going over to the till with a pair of jeans that were apparently valued at $220, I was frozen. One woman said, "You'll regret it if you don't get them. They fit you perfectly and you looked so beautiful."

This was my response, nearly verbatim:

Oh, I will NEVER regret not spending over 200 dollars on a pair of jeans. Never. 
I don't want to shame anyone here. You all looked beautiful and I have no judgement on anyone who is buying clothes. 
The thing is, I actually know a kid in Ghana, Africa that has to walk a mile to a dirty pond to wash his one pair of shorts and one shirt every day, just so he won't have to walk around naked. I know him. I spent time with him. 
So it's hard for me to justify the spending...
I know what 200 dollars could do for him, for the kids I work with every day. 

Needless to say, I didn't buy the jeans. 

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Why am I writing this blog? I'm writing it for us consumers. 
And I'm writing it for my kiddo in Ghana, whom I desperately hope has been taken in by some kind family and given more clothes, as well as some much needed and deserved love. 

I'm suggesting something...
Before you make your next purchase, just ask yourself a few questions:

Do I need this?
What is the value of this? 
Is it worth it?

Then do what ya gotta do: buy it, or put it back.

I bet just asking those questions will likely help your pocket-book.. and it may just help people who struggle to get by day after day.
It will help them in a small way because every time I stop and ask myself those questions, 
I will think of them, 
and I will love them. 
Will you? 

hugs and loves
sarah d. 

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