Wednesday, May 9, 2012

always in our heart..

Hello my loves!

Today my mum opened her Mother's Day gift early. To her credit, it was being shipped by some unknown work-from-home-mom in the States. Therefore, not knowing it was her gift, she ended up getting her present early! Chatting with her about it today made me think...

See, I got my mum 150 paper butterflies so that she could have those colourful little guys all over her house all the time. Why butterflies? When my brother passed away 16 years ago, my parents participated in a butterfly-release ceremony with a ton of other families who had experienced loss that year. It was a very special and memorable event. Since then, butterflies have brought my mum peace and remembrance of all the good times. 

That's me trying to smile like my big brother a long time ago!

Then that made me think of all the moms (and dads) who have had a child pass away. It's an unbearable loss.

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I thought we should send some happy vibes and tons of love to any momma's out there who are remembering their kiddo's that they've had to say goodbye to. 

We love you MOM!!

sarah d.

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