Friday, May 18, 2012

the long drive home.

Hello my loves!

Off we go...I got stuck in traffic yesterday. It was awful. I tried to take a different route and got stuck in construction traffic. It was more awful. No one was answering their phones to keep me company on the drive (I have a Bluetooth device, don't worry!) Finally I got my mum on the phone for a bit, but she was distracted and waiting for dad to come home. She just kept telling me, 'Oh I wish you had just taken your regular way home!' So had I…

 photo cred Samuel-Leo

As I was driving I got to thinking about all the people that have long commutes every single day. The dads that work in the city and their family lives in the suburbs. The single mom that has to ride the subway to the other side of town after dropping her kids off at school. The nearly-retired grandpa that tries to make it over to his daughter’s house to kiss his grandkids goodnight after a long day at the office. The step-mom who runs three errands before 8am and then parks her car at the station before getting on the hour-long train ride into the city to work a 9 hour day. The young man who gets up before the sun to get started on his hour-long walk from his home to the home of his employer to work for the day.

We all appreciate the work that you do every day.
We are all sympathetic to the time you have to give to your travels.
We all wish you well on your everyday-journey.
We send you happy-thoughts and prayers as you try to stay positive on your commute.

hugs and love
sarah d.

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