Monday, January 9, 2012


Good evening friends, 

Two things to cover in this blog, and they conveniently coincide.

Number 1: My resolutions. 

I'm the kind of person who loves to learn and grow all of the time. And so, I look fondly on new years resolutions as an opportunity to refocus my energy and get specific again about areas I'd like to see growth. Over the years, I've found it increasingly important to create reasonable and measurable goals. So, here they are, and of course, there is always room for additions:

Move for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
Eat in a way that my body and mind will be healthiest.
"Act the way I want to feel." (Thanks to Gretchen Rubin for that one!)
Blog once a week.
Get someone to smile every day. (Bonus points for laughter!)
Do something musical once a week. (Writing, practicing, researching artists, etc.)
Listen better. Listen more. (I don't ALWAYS have to add something.)

Nearly two weeks into January, and I'm going strong. Another thing I've learned over time is that with most things, when I drop the ball and make a mistake, I don't simply give up and walk away. I start again, sometimes immediately, sometimes the next morning, but I keep trying. And so onward and upward I go!

Number 2: Negative thoughts.

All that said, I still struggle with negative thoughts.. I have an 'editor' - that little crappy voice in my head who tells me I can't, I won't, I'll fail, there's no way I'll ever... Do you have an 'editor'? Through years of practice, I've learned to acknowledge and silence mine with relative ease. (However, there are times when I'm extremely thankful for a patient husband who helps me with my sometimes skewed perspective.) 

photo cred: Olivia Napoli

Bad thoughts can be like the birds in this image, and peck away at us until we have only struggle and frustration left. There's pages and pages more that can be said about what life looks like for people drowning with negative thoughts... but I think we can all empathize and agree that it's awful and tiring. 

This week, while I am intent on growing and being more positive, I will send my positivity outwards. I will focus on breathing in the dark, ugly, hard stuff that people are facing every day; and I will breathe out the light, positive, beautiful breath that we all need to be joyful. 

Will you join me in simply loving those that are being berated with hard and bad thoughts? We could all use a little help from time to time. 

sarah d. 

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