Monday, January 23, 2012

Mom, Momma, Mother, Mum

Good afternoon you sweet-senders-of-love!

I trust you have been well and that while you've been sending love out to others, you have also been receiving lots of loves too!

Now, onto the subject of the day:

1) My parents are at that retirement-age, and have decided that they like spending about a month out of the year down in Mexico when it's cold up here in Canada. They golf, they walk the beach, they have lots of dinner parties with people that have become close friends and they decompress. They left this week.

2) I'm very close with my mum, and especially with the passing of my brother many years ago, we stay in very close contact. In fact, on my way to work every morning, I use that lovely little Bluetooth-y thing in my car and give her call. It's hard with them being in Ontario, and me here in Alberta, but we do our best.

1 + 2 = me having a hard time cuz I can't call my mum every morning and debrief life with her!! :(

Especially since getting married, I value my mum more and more as she supports me through the trials and tribulations of committed-long-term-relationship stuff. And my mum does not beat around the bush! It's straight to the point whether I want to hear it or not, and frankly, even though it's hard to hear sometimes, I really appreciate it.

  • She'll kill me for posting that first pic, but you know what, it's already on facebook, so what're ya gonna do?! haha 
  • The second is from my cousin's wedding nearly a decade ago. 
  • The third is when my mum and I went and got tattoo's together!! (The artist, once finished, said, 'There you go, now you're a bad-ass mom!') 
  • The last pic is from my wedding nearly two years ago. One of my favorite memories was sitting with mum and talking in the bedroom before the madness and partying began. 

I've been through the gamut with my mum and am blessed to have her in my life and to consider her my dearest supporter, teacher, confidant and guide.
(I adamantly did not use the word friend, as while I'm close to my mum the way I am with my closest friends, she is of a different status altogether in my life, and I need her there. I have lots of friends, I only have one mum.)

I realize that all of us have different kinds of relationships with our mothers, or people who play the role of mother in our lives. But, I hope and pray that whomever you consider 'mom', you love and appreciate her and the role she plays in your life.

I also know that some of you may have been hurt by your moms through her words or actions. For you, I'm sorry. I hope you are supported, loved and adored by other people in your life so that there is no hole to fill.

We all have a different story.
We all have a mom.
Let's send them some love.

sarah d.

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